Mastering Sensual Massage: Learning An Intimate Therapy For Love And Passion

sale463,721 Relationships End Everyday.  92% Of These Breakups Cite “Failure To Connect” As The Primary Culprit For The Death Of The Affair.

“You Don’t Have To Be Another Sad Statistic.  You Can Build A Strong Relationship By Showing Your Love, Physically And Emotionally.”

Intimacy is not about sex, as many people think. It’s about touching your partner’s heart by touching his or her body

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Mastering Sensual Massage: Learning An Intimate Therapy For Love And PassionCurrent statistics in North America suggest that 76% of marriages are destined to fail! The main reason for this is infidelity, which is caused by the partners' inability to connect with one another physically and emotionally.

How can people enjoy each other’s company, if they don’t vibe as lovers should? After all, why would people stray if they could get physical and emotional satisfaction from their partners? Relationships would never end if both parties were really united, in heart, mind, and body.

Experts say that it’s the small things that make a relationship work, and it’s essential to know when to talk and when to leave your partner alone. Both partners need to work together and to make the effort to adjust, in order to make a relationship work.

Both big and small positive acts are needed to cement a relationship, and to promote harmony. Partners who complement one another are able to function as a cohesive unit, and this is the secret of strong relationships and marital bliss. People, who know the secret, enjoy lasting relationships that make them content and happy.

Unfortunately, most of us can only dream of relationships like this, because we tend to focus on the things we consider to be very important, and neglect the small things that really matter in the long run.

The Sensual body massage book!

This book is jam-packed with solid, quality, and straight forward information that will show you how to pleasure your partner!

From basic, to intermediate, to advanced instructions on how to be an self proclaimed master in sensual body massage!

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Huge Benefits!

A sensual, full-body massage can soothe aching muscles, relieve stress and help you to relax. It can bring you and your partner closer as a couple.

A sensual massage can provide physical and emotional benefits, and help your relationship to mature.

The stimulation of the flesh is something every human being secretly craves for, but rarely gets.

Most of us don’t get the physical stimulation we long for. Each and every one of us has a physical and emotional desire for the touch of someone who loves us, and sensual couple massage can help to satisfy this desire.

massageIt is very unfortunate that we are usually so busy with the big things in life that we neglect the small things, which really matter. Have you ever planned a dinner date in an exclusive restaurant with someone you like, only to find out that all he or she ever wanted was to enjoy a home-cooked meal with you?

It pays to remember that it’s the small things like this that build intimacy, and intimacy is the key ingredient for a strong relationship.

Have you ever seen couples who can never stop talking about how much they love for each other, yet never hold hands, or kiss, or cuddle?

Intimacy is often associated with sex, but this is a misconception, because even though good sex is crucial, it does not define a relationship. Physical and emotional intimacy defines a relationship, and it is a bond that is quite hard to break.

How Do You Establish Intimacy?

To build intimacy, a couple needs to overcome reservations and to build familiarity.

The biggest obstacle to creating intimacy is the reservations that each partner has. After all, we are different and unique individuals, and we all need to make an effort to form a harmonious relationship with our loved ones.

Our individuality and inhibitions tend to make us hesitate before giving all that we could to our partners

loveHow do we overcome this obstacle?

It’s the small things that make all the difference and little gestures like a gentle kiss on the forehead or pressing your partner's hand will soothe and comfort him or her. Your partner will believe that everything will be all right, and will feel more secure.

These little things make our partners open their hearts to us, and make a big difference in a relationship. Relationships are based on intimacy, and there is a sure way to make your partner drop all inhibitions quite quickly!

Do it Regularly!

bedsexMake sensual couple massage a regular part of your life, and watch your relationship blossom and evolve!

Your sex drive and that of your partner will reach new levels. You will have more desire than ever before and will have more energy, because the regular massage will relax and de-stress you.

You will also find that sensual couple massage will help you in other aspects of your lives. You will be more cohesive in the things that you do together, as well as in other things that you do on a daily basis.


Sensual massage has been practiced for ages to bring lovers close to each other

Sensual massage is far beyond normal massage and it has been practiced by kings and queens, as well as commoners, since ancient times. It has developed into an art that promotes passion and love, and makes them grow. It has been practiced for ages in many cultures and lands, from the Aztecs to the Egyptians, from India to China, and from the Celtics to the Greeks.

Sensual massage provides many benefits to people who practice it. It greatly strengthens the bond they share, and makes their relationship much more rewarding.

It is essential to remember that sensual massage is not the massage you know. Sensual massage involves more than merely kneading and pressing the muscles and joints.

Sensual massage is a total experience. It is a unique combination of environment, preparation and pressure points. Sensual massage is beyond what is merely physical, and is more like a mystical experience that transcends reality.

Once you learn about how to touch and where to touch, you and your partner can reach a different level of physical and emotional awareness!
Experts say that sensual massage starts playfully, but ends up as something that enhances the union between the partners.

The benefits of sensual massage

A physical therapist can give you a massage that will relieve you of your joint and muscle pains, but sensual massage is much more than that, and can only be given by a loved one.


Let’s take a look at the benefits of sensual massage and find out about its true nature:

Sensual massage is an erotic experience that tickles the senses, but holds you back, to emphasize the emotions over the physical urge. It can promote heightened sensuality, which can lead to fewer inhibitions during lovemaking, and arouse unbridled passion.

Sensual massage is the ultimate stress buster! Your partner will relax and enjoy this amazing experience. The stress and nervous tension will dissipate slowly, as you both go through this life-changing experience! You both will emerge in a relaxed and tranquil state from the session, and will develop a more positive attitude to life!

Sensual massage can offer a release from physical pains, like aching muscles, knotted nerves, hurting joints, and the like.

It can give you release from emotional troubles

Sensual massage can give you relief from aching muscles, knotted nerves, hurting joints, and other similar problems.

It can get you and your partner into just the right mood for romantic adventures.

Sensual massage can provide relief from the effects of various injuries or ailments.

If sensual massage is allowed to blossom into an act of passion, it can ensure a more pleasurable orgasm, resulting from the unity of your minds and bodies.

Sensual massage is a reassuring sign that will never fail to give comfort to your partner, and make him or her feel loved.

point It is a means of communication that goes far beyond what can be expressed by words.

And Much, Much, Much More . . .

feetsWhat is the best way to learn sensual massage?

A formal program may provide you with comprehensive knowledge about sensual massage, but you will probably have to invest a lot of time and money to complete it. Fortunately, there is another alternative!

How much will it cost?

You can learn about sensual massage through a concise home study course, provided in this ebook, which will help you to take your relationship to a higher level. This amazing ebook will help you and your partner to relax, and to enjoy the sheer pleasure of sensual massage for years to come!


The ebook I’m talking about is…

Sensual Body Massage

An intimate therapy for love and passion


This ebook will help you and your partner to learn about sensual massage quickly, so you can come closer to each other! In just a few hours, you will learn about how you can give your partner a truly exciting and relaxing sensual massage that he or she will never be able to forget.

In fact, your partner will be begging for more, once you have properly applied the gratifying sensual massage techniques that are discussed at length, and explained in the pages of Sensual Body Massage.

Please take a look at what you’ll find inside Sensual Body Massage …

Learn about proper ways of giving a regular massage

arrowcuttleHow sensual massage works

arrowHow to prepare for a sensual massage session

arrowHow to give your partner a satisfying sensual massage

arrowHow to focus on each and every part of your partner’s body

arrowHow to follow up on a sensual massage session

Tricks and tactics that will enhance the pleasure your partner will feel

These lessons will be delivered through fully illustrated pages, filled with exclusive images that will tell you what to do, and will also SHOW you how to do it. Please take a look at some of the wonderful pages you’ll find inside this ebook…

Mastering Sensual Massage: Learning An Intimate Therapy For Love And Passion

This wonderful guide discusses sensual massage techniques in detail. You will be provided with step-by-step instructions, in easy-to-understand English, on how to give an effective sensual massage to your partner, which will make him or her happy.

This ebook has lots of illustrations that make it easy for you to understand the instructions. You will find out about what to do, how to do it, and when to do it, for the maximum impact!

Mastering Sensual Massage is about to become the ultimate guide on the Internet, about how to give your partner an unforgettable sensual massage!

You will be able to give your partner what he or she truly deserves...
The gift of your love expressed through sensual massage.


Mastering Sensual Massage: Learning An Intimate Therapy For Love And Passion

You have my guarantee – I’m so confident about the value of this ebook, and about the difference it will make to your relationship with your partner that I am guaranteeing your satisfaction.

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  • Find out about the effects of friction, which involves rubbing your hands gently on the skin of your partner.

  • You can talk to your partner about Sensual Massage and prepare yourselves for it!



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